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Recorded at Ultramagnetic [the mullet] in 2004.
Engineer: Charles Austin
Mixed and Mastered winter of 2004/2005.
Engineer: Graeme Campbell
Artwork by Brent Wadden brent.iputthedotinthe.com
Layout by Thom, Christian and Special Noise.

Catalogue #: OOT 012-cd/YC003



released January 8, 2005

JS guitar sing
GN drum sing

*Track 6 JS synth sing GN drum xylo sing



all rights reserved


Special Noise Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: lullaby
In valor we clad ourselves
In valor walk up reformed
In valor we stole their style

In time we called out things we'd yet defined
We called out words to keep this sin without revolt or protest against my only cause for knowledge.

In valor we saved ourselves
In valor from our opposés
In valor I learned the language
Track Name: hits wreck kids
So innocence became addictive
and additives could be themselves
hammered out or hammered down

Apologies I didn't want me presence evident
but my mistakes are far too loud to be ignored.

And everyone's all "let's have accidents"
And we're all "if everyone's all let's have...we're all compelled"

And all we could pressure was for our devotees to inspect and agree that if hits wreck kids, make against it. modeled, pushed out and after all.

Tell the blatant to depart find the new
A reward, a regard could only include
The found, the known or the untrue
The fond, the positive, the few.
Track Name: beatro
So humorous the forests, they look the same, but landmarks are all manmade, to help us, tell them apart, and make them ours.

Isn't it nice how you've grown into the drinks that you hold dear.

And I guess money is something, I haven't had enough to know, to comprehend the way it's spent.

And I hope you don't roll your eyes when envy is in mine.

And I could have skipped out on events that I'd be bored with but then I'd have missed out and may be in doubt.
Track Name: counts
Secreted like executives we're always executed by the sick secretaries.

I can see it inside and I know it's pattern
I can see it collide with my divine desire so fine.
I can see it outside and I know it's scattered
I can see it collide to my designed desire so fine.

Plot our scattered minds against our own designs
Charge the front against the side design will sell in time
Secreting lies and lines like only we could find.
Track Name: make do
With doubts aligned we fixated our thoughts

Examining all the angles pertained to the truth
search is found uncertain if words were untrue

If memory is served correctly you can quote me on this
If memory serves me correctly this can't exist.

This can't exist, I doubt it lasts.

With doubts aligned we fixated our thoughts to fall in line, but who will fall for us?

Stand straight, is standing still, it's fallen for our only kill.
Track Name: synth
I was only kidding when I said you could discredit my compliments by saying them before me.

If you could beat me to it.

I was only kidding.
Track Name: rock
This common fear has commies broke up with despair,
Could we care?
This common fear has all us broke up with despair,
Our fair share.

Could I please be with it?

In formal format, this burden, burn it.

This common fear has commies broke up with despair
We Fail
Our taxes in but all we got back was an audit.
Track Name: eyz
I'm all for logic.
Thanks for the footprints I walk them off.
Long time no see, look what it's done to me.
I'm down.
Track Name: production quality
You can see it in their eyes, comfort is just a disguise.
They're all fearing progress, just scared of regrets, scared they'll progress, scared they'll regret.
I'm fearing progress, scared i'll regret.